Monday, April 4, 2011

C is Crochet

I have joined the A to Z blogging challenge. During the month of April I will write a post each day with the exception of Sundays and these posts will correspond with each letter of the Alphabet. You can join by following the link above.

  I am going to make these posts a mix of things but my hope is that they will all have a common thread... God.


My step-mom taught me to crochet when I was 14. My first finished project was a hideous blanket for my new baby brother. Looking back I see this blanket as my first scrap blanket since it was made from several colors of yarn from a shimmery blue variegated, brown, green and other colors. It was worked in the round and the corners were bad... the center pouched out. I am sure my mom has the blanket in storage somewhere. I would like to get a picture of it someday. 
Obviously, my crochet skills have gotten better over the last thirteen years... especially in the last two years. I really enjoy this craft. It relaxes me and allows me to be creative in so many ways. My family lives 2000 miles from me in Washington state. I have three sisters, three brothers, a sister in law, a (soon to be) brother in law, a brother's girlfriend, a sisters boyfriend, four nephews, a niece on the way, a dad, a mom and a step-mom that I send Christmas gifts to each year. I find the most cost effective and easy gifts to send are home made. 
I started a new Christmas tradition for myself two years ago when I stopped at Walgreens and saw an "Angel Tree" of sorts that provides gifts for senior citizens. The first year I made a pink black and white granny square lap blanket. I loved this blanket and I still think about Lois (the recipient) frequently.  Last year I donated two blankets for Dora and Linda. I have posts somewhere for them... one is here and one showing the half way done blanket is here. Currently I have four blankets in progress for this charity. 
I believe that God gives his people gifts. Gifts to use to glorify Him. These gifts may be teaching, the ability to comfort, the ability to provide etc. Over the last couple years I honestly believe that God gave me the ability to crochet so I could honor and glorify him with that talent. I pray for the recipients of my blankets as I work them and I provide them a note letting them know the gifts are made with love and prayer. I love my charity projects, they teach me patience and prayer. 

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