Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I is for Incredible and Inspire

I have joined the A to Z blogging challenge. During the month of April I will write a post each day with the exception of Sundays and these posts will correspond with each letter of the Alphabet. You can join by following the link above.


Super happy today... recently I've entered and won a few giveaways, INCREDIBLE! These giveaways feed my love for crochet. Last night I received two of the prizes. I found out this morning I have one coming in the mail soon and one should be coming via email soon. So here are the ones I received last night...

Learn to Do Waffle Weave pattern book I won over at Ambassador Crochet... Thank you!

 Size Q hook and Crochet For Today pattern book I won over at Twisted Strands... Thank you!

Both books look amazing and I hope to complete projects from each!

I is for Inspire...

When thinking about what inspiration I get to crochet the things I do I like to think about color combinations and how the patterns or colors make me feel. I am inspired by the idea that I am pouring love into each item I make and that the recipient will know the care given.

I've told you before that I believe God has given each of us a purpose in life. I believe mine is to love complete strangers and to share the gift of crochet He has given me with these people. This is the joy I long for each day... so see my work put to good use. Giving the things I crochet to others is why I love this craft so much... and I am truly thankful God has blessed me with the ability to crochet... and now knit!

My sister, Kari, decided to join the challenge, so be sure to take a look!

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  1. I never learned how to crochet but it is something that I would love to learn. I found you through the A to Z challenge. Very neat blog! ~ Princess Imogen!