Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Kari

I have joined the A to Z blogging challenge. During the month of April I will write a post each day with the exception of Sundays and these posts will correspond with each letter of the Alphabet. You can join by following the link above.


I am sure I have talked about her some here on my blog... but I would like to tell you a little more about my twin sister, Kari. Kari was born 3 minutes after me almost 27 years ago. I would say she was a surprise to my parents but really we both were the surprise since the doctor told her she was going to have one big boy... not two small identical girls! 

so identical I can hardly pick myself out of this photo!

We were best friends as children. I felt her pain... all the time. My earliest memory was when we were just toddlers... I don't remember how old but Kari was really dehydrated so Mom and Dad took her to the doctor. Since I tagged along I remember the doctor having to give her IV fluids through her foot! I screamed and screamed because it hurt ME!
Kari always wanted to pose for pictures... (that's her on the left right)
 Somewhere along the way we grew up. When we were 17 she had major back surgery to correct the scoliosis that threatened to cripple her. Two titanium rods were implanted along her spine... she grew 4-6 inches in height during that surgery to become the same height as me! This was a hard thing to deal with. We knew the risks that the slightest wrong movement from the surgeons could injure her spinal cord. I felt her pain as a dull ache that spread down my spine. I spent that night and many other nights with her in that hospital as she recovered from multiple surgeries due to infections. I am thankful she doesn't remember these days as they were very scary.
We went to different high schools and her surgery kept her back so we did not graduate the same year...
My sister and I have a lot in common now as adults. We both crochet and I think she does beautiful work! She has a 2 year old and a fiancee... I have a husband and hope to start a family soon. And we both will do anything we can to help the other. I love my sister... I am thankful God spared her when she went into respiratory distress the morning after her first surgery.

My sister, Kari, decided to join the challenge, so be sure to take a look!


  1. Awwww Twin Love!! I don't remember seeing those last 2 pics of us EVER. THANK YOU for posting them for they are now saved in my Twin Love folder. No really... I have a file on my laptop marked Twin Love. lol!!

    I don't really know what else to say except I love you too!!

  2. Sarah, what a great post! it almost made me cry and surely gave me goose pumps... I always wished a sister (I have just one brother)and I can imagine all the special added things that you live when you have a twin sister...
    Keep enjoying and loving each other!
    Thanks for sharing!