Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011... Hello 2012

This has been a really great year for me filled with travel and fun. Jeff and I were able to spend more time together, I was able to see family I hadn't seen in years (twice!), Jeff became an ordained minister and we are expecting our first child in April. So for giggles, I would like to briefly remember some of these fun events from 2011!

March 20, 2011, Jeff was ordained as a minister in our Southern Baptist Church. He has grown so much these last 9 months as a husband and man of God. I love him and I am proud of who he has become. While I was unsettled about taking on the position of "preacher's wife", I have also grown into this place and I feel that this has helped me grow as a person and a Christian.
In May we took a trip to Washington state. This is where I grew up and where all of my family is located. It had been 6.5 years since I had seen my family; with the exception of my dad, step mom, mom and little brother who have been down here to see me. We left Arkansas during a rain and thunderstorm filled Sunday after noon and found the beautiful sun above the clouds as we made our way to Dallas. I couldn't have been more excited for this trip.

We had a great three days filled with family, friends, food and fun! The first day was the busiest as we flew into Seattle to spend time with my sister and oldest nephew before driving three hours south to my Dad's home. We ate at IHOP.
Being there was surreal... I didn't feel out of place... I felt home. Once we got to my dad's house we had a big pot luck with most of my siblings, my parents and a few other family members. I got to see my little sister 7-8 months pregnant... the only time I have ever seen one of my sisters pregnant! I spent time with a very special cousin of mine... and I watched as my husband (who had never met any of these people with the exception of the ones who have been here) was accepted and loved as part of the family. This brought tears to my eyes... I was so thankful!

 I spent time on day 2 with my best friend! We hadn't seen each other in 12 years.
 We visited tulip farms... these amazed me! They grow thousands and thousands of colorful tulips every year!
 On day 3... our last day. We had a pizza party.. so yummy! This turned out to be a surprise party for my sister and I who would be having a birthday in 1 month... we haven't celebrated our birthday together in 7 years.
Before the pizza, we had a fun family photo session thanks to my brother's awesome girlfriend.
And then we went home... we were so exhausted and spent almost an entire day sleeping once we were home!

I went back in August for my sister's wedding.
I found out I am pregnant the Monday before the wedding. We are thrilled. At this point our Little One is being stubborn and after two attempts to determine the little boogers gender we still do not know if we will be expecting to hold a little boy or girl come April. I had several (6-8) weeks of morning sickness and have felt really good since all that went away.

We spent time on little mini vacations in Hot Springs, Mountain View, Petit Jean Mountain and at home. Its been a very enjoyable year!

I did not make gifts for my family this year... crafting was slowed by my travel and pregnancy. I am starting to pick up and have plans to donate baby blankets to a local home for teenage mothers at Christmas time next year; this will be in place of my blankets for seniors that I have done for 3 years now. I hope to make some clothes, a blanket and a Christmas stocking for our Little One... we will see how that goes!

I am thankful for my 47 followers who have stuck around and even began following my little blog during this very slow posting time for me. I hope to have more time for blogging when I start my new position at work in three weeks because I will have an earlier shift. I hope I can share more than just my crochet and knitting adventures as we move from a couple to a family this spring.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Charity Blankets Finished

I finished my charity blankets about a week ago and dropped them off at Walgreens for the "Be a Santa for a Senior" donation box earlier today. This was my third year participating and I didn't finish the 4 blankets I wanted to finish but I did get two done and I think they are quite beautiful. However, I did forget to take a picture of them before taking to Walgreens to Hubby was a dear and held them up for a quick photo shoot. Hope you like them as much as I do!