Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for Yellow

I have joined the A to Z blogging challenge. During the month of April I will write a post each day with the exception of Sundays and these posts will correspond with each letter of the Alphabet. You can join by following the link above.


 If you don't know already... my favorite color is pink. I recently went shopping for an Easter dress and when asked by the attendant at a store what I was looking for in a dress I blurted out "NO PINK!" I explained that this was because about 75% of my wardrobe is pink and I would really like to branch out a bit. Two stores later I found a pretty dress that had big black and white flowers with splashes of yellow and a cute yellow bolero. I LOVE IT!
I have incorporated yellow into my knit blocks for the KAL I am doing each month... or rather the one I say I am doing and have only gotten through one of March's squares. 
I think I am going to find more room for yellow in my closet!

My sister, Kari, decided to join the challenge, so be sure to take a look because she will be having a giveaway when she reaches 20 followers!

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  1. I just crocheted a baby blanket with yellow in it. My daughter likes it so much, that unless I come up with another one she likes more, before the baby is born, she has claimed this one for her own. Found you on Marie Anne St. Jean's blog by the way. Please find my latest A-Z Challenge blogs here: