Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Angel Tree" Blanket

For those of you who don't know me I am really into giving to charities... my favorite being "Operation Christmas Child" created by Samaritans Purse. After getting all my shoe boxes done this year and donating my green beans to the local care channel I was sad to be out of things to help provide people. Then Jeff and I went to Walgreens and found they had an "Angel Tree" thing for senior citizens. A couple "Angels" wished for lap blankets, so I snatched a lady up and went to home look thru my stash. I found some fun pink yarn, black yarn and white yarn. I decided on a basic granny and the rest came as I worked it. I learned a new stitch this year... the reverse single crochet, which I used for my border! So here are photos of my lap blanket for my "Angel" Lois.


This was made from 30 6-inch granny's. Each granny had a single crochet border in either black or white and then it was stitched together with the pink yarn. The border around the whole blanket is 2 round single crochet in pink and 1 round double crochet in black. It is finished with 1 round reverse single crochet in pink! I started it Nov 12 and it was finished on Nov 30!

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  1. Wow Sarah thats really beautiful. I didn't know you were so into charities, good for you. Hopefully someday I'll have more time to volunteer and more items to give, but for now I've got my hands are full, and I leave all of the angel givings for amazing people like you :)

    I wanted to thank you for all of the comments that you leave over at my blog. I wish I could reply to them, but I don't have an email for you, and I couldn't find one on your blogger profile!

    I hope that you have a wonderful 2010. It sounds like 2009 has been less than perfect for you. Happy New Year Sarah!