Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weight Update

In my post 2011 Goals I put get serious as one of my goals. I want to get serious about my weight. There are several reasons for this.

  1. I plan to try and start a family with my husband later this year and losing weight will make that easier.
  2. I want to be an active mom. I want to play with my children and run around and chase them. I want to be a fun mom!
  3. I want to be healthy so I can live a long life with my husband and family.
So mostly, I guess its for my future and my family's future. Last week I had my first loss since a week before Christmas... it was only 0.6 pounds but it was a loss. This week... and past weeks I am having a love affair with the vending machines at work. So today, I will be leaving my cash at home... so I cannot spend it! I have also ditched the microwave "healthy" dinners. I have decided to start cooking my own meals at home so I can control my salt and the other foods I am eating.

So, what do my readers think about one post a week dedicated to my weight loss? 


  1. These are all good reasons! Good luck. Sarah, post what you want, when you want! One post a week is great, as is whatever! LMHO

  2. Sarah reading your post was like reading my own words,currently my husband and I are TTC, my weight has stopped my periods so today was my first get serious day - I didnt snack once and will be becoming a member at a weightloss motivation clinic here in Ireland - I have set up a blog for my journey in trying for a family and losing weight here -
    good luck xxxxxx

  3. I think it's wonderful what you're doing! Lots of luck to you! I've recently lost 69lbs with help of surgery, but it was the tool I needed to get me going. The weight isn't falling off either, I have to work for it. Exercise is a wonderful tool and with spring around the corner, it's a perfect excuse to get out there and get moving. Great idea to make your own food and bring it from home! It probably tastes better and you can control what goes into it. Good luck to you!

  4. Great reasons, I'm on my way on doing the same for very similar reasons... lets do it!!!

  5. Good stuff....lots of luck, inspiration to keep on track and for good health and good times all round.