Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Health Update

I did it! I made the decision to cancel my Curves membership and sign up at our local community center where I can get fitness classes with actual trainers! During out big snow event last week (we got 7 inches and were snowed in for 3 days) Jeff and I did some research and found that we could both go to the community center for less than I was paying at Curves. So we made the move on Friday and I couldn't be happier.

I have taken 2 Zumba classes and walked more than 2 miles on the track since Friday. This morning I took an Abs and Arms class... ooohweee! I am still shaking.. it makes it tough to type. I never felt like this at Curves. I think I have made the best choice for me and my family. I am enjoying it and can get 7 days of fitness! Tomorrow I will either take a body toning class or I will just walk a mile on the track... I guess I will see how much my body hates me in the morning!


  1. It's great that those classes are available where you live. We only have the expensive gyms here.

  2. Good for you. I've been exercising on my own at home. I so want to take a zumba class but I'd have to drive almost an hour to get to a class and I'm not sure I could drive home afterward!! Maybe I should check to see if there are any zumba dvd's available. Keep up the good work. Take care.

  3. That's good!! I've never done Curves but I love my Zumba classes and they are a great workout!