Saturday, February 26, 2011

Been a little quiet

 I've been a little quiet lately. I feel bad because I should be updating my blog. I have spent every morning of the last week at the community center... walking the track and taking any fitness class I feel I my body will finish. I didn't lose weight this week but at least I broke even. Getting serious has begun. I want to lose 20 pounds in the next 9 weeks... that is roughly 2.25 pounds per week. If I can lose 2.6 pounds per week I could finally get back to where I was after I lost 35 pounds. It would make me very happy.

On the knit and crochet front, I finally finished my February knit square after 26 days. This one bored me to tears so it took much longer than necessary.

I finally sent off a surprise gift of booties and hats for my new baby nephew, Noah. He was born 1/13 and has long feet, so his Christmas gift booties were a little snug. 

When we were snowed in February 9th -11th I spent one day crocheting a "one skein" shawl that was way too small for anyone to even consider using. I am not sure if it is because I used Naturally Caron Country instead of Spa.

And I started a scrap blanket.


  1. Oh, those hats and booties are just too cute. The shawl is very nice, too. And your blanket is coming along nicely, isn't it?