Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brother!

Today is a special day... not just because it snowed and I didn't have to go to work (thanks Jeff!) but because it is my little brother, Jacob's, birthday! Today, Jacob is 12. I was 14 and thought it was so cool my mom was going to have a baby... I was going to have a new brother!

And then he was born! Oooh! You know how those babies are... they need lots of attention and sleep. Babies don't sleep well when teenagers are being loud. I say teenagers because my twin sister and I were 14 and my older brother was 16... we also had a 10 year old brother. We were always being loud. And we weren't used to giving our "mom time" to other people. My parents divorced when I was in 5th grade and Jacob is technically my half brother... I say technically because I love him fully. My mom had weekend visitation and some time in the summer as well. it was just a strange and new situation... and being 14... I wanted it to be about me.

Jacob quickly grew and captured all of our hearts. I held and loved him while he was sick... letting him sleep on my chest when he had fevers (babies put off a lot of heat!) We have been through a lot with this little man... broken legs, custody fights, temper tantrums... and most of all... he has grown up with out me around. I moved to Arkansas when he was 4 years old. I saw him in December 2004 just as he was about to turn 5. I finally got to see him again last summer when my mom brought him down to visit during my vacation. It seemed as if he had grown 3 feet... and he probably had. I will get to see him again in May when I finally make a trip back home... first time in 6 years. Jeff will finally meet the rest of my family.

So now that you know what kind of special place Jacob holds in my heart... I thought I would share some of my favorite photos of him.

 Most  of the time when children try to kiss the camera it doesn't really work out too well. And while this photo is very blurry, I think it is perfect. Jacob was probably less than 2 when this was taken.
Jacob was probably two when this was taken. This was Halloween and he was a butterfly. I love this photo for two reasons... 1... he was a butterfly! and 2... he looks so cute and innocent!
 This is the first picture I took of Jacob when he arrived last summer. We shared the backseat of my car on the way from the air port to Carino's Italian Grill for dinner. He cried when I jumped out of the car to greet him with a hug... and he cried when he woke up the morning he was supposed to leave. My little brother is amazing... and growing up too fast!

Happy Birthday, Jacob. I love you!

P.S. 86 days!


  1. I'm so glad that you work at having a relationship with your brother. Your story made me a little teary eyed. :)

  2. Very nice, cute pictures too! By the way, love the new look of your blog. Very pretty.