Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend Projects

Just wanted to quickly share a couple things I completed this weekend.

Jeff and I have a cat; her name is Miss Kitty. Miss Kitty has been with Jeff for around 10 years or more and she is a spoiled cat. The minute he plants his behind in a chair or on the couch she is in his lap. Recently I have been coming home to find she has pulled one of my WIPs out of the desk to nap on it during the day. I have this giant oak desk in my office that has an open cupboard on the floor (this where the tower for my PC sits), there is enough room in this cupboard that I have stored some yarn and a baby blanket that I am working on in a walmart bag. Each night last week I came home and she had pulled it out of the cupboard to sleep on it. I would shoo her away and put it back in the cupboard only to find she had pulled it out again the next day. So I said thats it... and I made her a blanket from some of my scrap yarn.

See that bright red thing under her? That is her blanket and that is her bed we bought for her about a year ago that she won't use... I think I've found a solution!

Next is a hat that a girl at work asked me to make. I talked her into the neon green flower... thought it would look cute. She is picking it up tomorrow but has already seen a photo and she loves it. The hat and the inside of the flower are made with Caron One Pound in Black and the green part of the flower is made with I Love This Yarn in Limelight. There is a button for the inside of the flower and also a button on the back of the flower so it is detachable from the hat. I love it!

One of these days I am going to make the hat in a different color that will photograph well. This hat is my own pattern and once I make it in a different color I will publish the pattern here on my blog... it will be after Christmas... I also have some other patterns I came up with for Christmas presents for my family that I will publish here as well.


  1. very pretty hat.
    i made one similar a month ago but it was for a baby. the flower came off of the button that was in the middle, so you could interchange flowers~very cute.

  2. Lovely and so glad kitty got his own blanket!