Friday, October 1, 2010

Flashback Friday: Granny

I have been thinking a lot about my Granny lately. She passed away just over 5 years ago and I miss her. She loved all of her grandchildren very much and sometimes, she was my best friend. It is hard to remember a time when Granny and Poppa weren't a part of our lives. I grew up hearing stories about how they baby sat each of us kids when we were babies... how when Granny was bathing my older brother... his hair fell out and how when I was just a baby, she let me crawl around on the floor naked... which allowed me to poop on the floor. That was the funniest story.

Most of all, what I remember is how even as she continued to grow older and more frail, she never stopped playing with us. Granny and Poppa were blessed with another grandson when I was almost 15 years old... my little brother, Jacob. So, while Poppa mostly sat in his spot on the couch and grumped around... Granny was up, playing with the kids... and their rowdy dog!

I remember her chasing us around her house with the monster face on. I can hear the shriek in my voice as a screamed down the hallway trying to escape the Granny-Monster. I remember making mud pies out back. Granny and Poppa had a covered patio in their back yard that had flower beds around it. We would sit on the patio and play in the mud in the flower beds. My Granny... was the best Granny.

While reviewing photos last week for my flashback friday post, I found a photo of my Granny from Christmas 2000... I have a lot of photos from that year but this one reminded me of the fun, energetic Granny... the one who promised to teach me how to drive... the one who fed me a light breakfast on Sunday mornings before she made pancakes around noon just for us... the one who always had ice cream in the freezer... the Granny-Monster.

This is Granny on the razor scooter my little brother, James, got for Christmas that year. I also have photos of Jacob (that's him behind Granny) on it who was almost two at the time and my favorite photo of Jacob and I on it together. Maybe I will share those pictures next week.

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  1. Your granny looks like she was such fun. This brings back memories of my Ma-Maw. Thanks for sharing her with us. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Oh Sarah...I so love these blogs. Thanks for making me cry today!!! Granny (mom) was a great lady and she loved all of her grandkids very much. RIP mom!!!!

  3. I think about her more and more since I started my new job. I have this 90 year old lady (don't let the age fool you... she is more "there" then I am on my good days)that I take care of 3 days a week who reminds me of her sooo much. As a matter of fact, the first time I met her I cried all the way home, called mom to tell her about it, and cried some more. I miss granny too and wish I had more time with her.

    This picture really got to me because that almost 2 year old Jacob looks so much like Nathaniel. Makes me so sad knowing that Nathaniel will never know how wonderful his Great Granny was. Thank you for this post, Sarah.