Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Return of the Condition

So last week I told you that I would be setting my hexagon blanket aside while I work on the rabbit for my little brother for Christmas. I did start the rabbit... I have the body, both arms and half a leg... its a start. I spent the weekend making cozies for my water bottle and hubby's water bottle... one for work and one for home.

I won a knitted pair of fingerless gloves in a silent auction last week that I will be giving to my step mom for Christmas with the scarf that I made her. One of the managers at work was also bidding on the gloves and was upset that I had won and I feel a little bad about it. She wanted them for her daughter. So last night I started a pair of fingerless gloves.

The photo today shows the hexagon blanket, the camo rabbit parts, the purple yarn for the gloves, my green bag that I carry left over yarn in, the cowl that I won in a give away (under the green bag... its light teal) and you can barely see the random square blanket in the back which I have to work on soon! This week I plan to finish the rabbit and gloves and then get back to my blankets before starting anything else... I hope!

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  1. Lots going on there. I know what it's like, I seem to be growing little areas of projects in this bag, that container and everywhere. Time to organize once more.