Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby Blanket Update

So last week I was super excited that I had finished the two tone pink and red blanket for my friend, Amy, who loved the blanket and could wait to wrap her baby in it. I will have pictures of little Mya snuggled up in it after she is born later this month.

This blanket is for a very special friend who moved away a few months ago. She is due soon with her first child. Before she left I had many plans of things to make for her... very expensive plans! I found this yarn at Savers where I also found the yarn for the other baby blanket, I spent $8.00 total that day and made two baby blankets.

I am very proud of how both of these blankets turned out. I even made a small pillow to match. I hope one day Jeff and I will have children of our own that I can spoil with homemade goodness! Now time for photos.


  1. The blanket is lovely and the little pillow is too cute!! I bet your friend will love them both.

  2. What a fantastic job you've done on the baby blankets.

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