Friday, October 29, 2010

Flashback Friday: Pretty Ballerina

Jeff and I do not participate in Halloween for religious reasons. This year will be our first Halloween in our home and we anticipate having some trick-or-treat-ers for the first time. We have bought some candy to hand out. Even though we do not participate in Halloween I do remember loving the holiday when I was a child and teenager.

I remember one year I had this pink ballerina outfit that I begged my mom to let me wear for Halloween. I won... kind of! I was so mad because she made me wear this pink turtleneck under the outfit.... so I guess she won! I understand her thought process now as it was Halloween in Washington state... its cold there this time of year and she was just trying to keep me warm! I know that we were living in the trailer park at this time and I believe it was when James was a baby... so I ws probably 5 or 6... mom would know better.

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  1. I think you wore that a couple times... while I was stuck dressing up like a clown.

  2. What a cute little outfit and a cute little girl!
    Nice to look back once in a bit.