Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Update

Last week I shared with you my "start but don't finish a project" condition. I wanted to update you on how that is working out for me. This last week (while looking at several projects that I could make) I forced myself to work on one project. I completed the pink and red baby blanket that was shown in the top left corner of last weeks photo. I decided not do add a red border... but I think that it is beautiful without it!
NOTE: I used this pattern here for the blanket.

Now I am focusing on the blue and yellow striped corner to corner baby blanket that was also seen in last weeks photo. I have started my decreases and am happy that I am more than half way done, I should have it finished by next Wednesday!

Once I have these two blankets done, I will be putting the blankets aside for a short while. I need to finish my Christmas gifts for my family back home in Washington. I have all of my gifts done except for the ones for my little brother. I have to make him a rabbit and a hat. Those should take 1-2 weeks max and then its back to blankets. I plan to finish the random squares blanket first, then the one I didn't take a picture of because it is a Christmas gift and then the purple round ripple.

As a reminder, here are the photos of the finished blanket and my WIP photo from last week!


  1. You are doing better than me. I'm still starting new things with lots of unfinished projects all around the house. I like the pink and red blanket without a border--I don't always add a border on afghans--just depends on how I feel when the main part of it gets finished. I really like all the blankets you are working on. Take care.

  2. Thanks for visiting my W.I.P. Wednesday, and congrats on finishing the blanket. I'll be back to see the pics of the next one you complete.

  3. What a pretty blanket. I like it a lot.