Wednesday, September 19, 2007


OK, so how many of you out there have heard of plarn? For those of you who haven't, plarn is a term used for plastic yarn made from recycled bags like grocery bags, bread bags, newspaper bags, trash bags, and even VCR and Cassette tapes... the possibilities are endless. I found this information on a website called "My Recycled Bags". This site has not only instructions for making your own plarn, but also has tips for attaining recycled bags, maintaining this plarn, and even crochet patterns for bibs, bags, coasters, and more. So after a few failed attempts at creating something with this plarn I finally sat down and worked on something simple. I made the bag below from 2 SC squares that I stitched together and added a SC strap. Also pictured below are 2 coasters I made randomly without a pattern.. I still need to trim my tails and warm them to get them to lay flat but all in all they look pretty good! When I have enough bags I am going to make a rug for my kitchen!

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