Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hair Bands and Car Accessory Cases (photos)

Good morning! I finally have a couple pictures. I took individual pictures of the scrunchies, but they didn't work out very well. So right now I only have a "group" picture. Enjoy!

From Left to Right: Lacey Hair Scrunchie, Mini Lacy Hair Scrunchie(same as the first one but minus rnd 3), Floral Scrunchie, and the last two(rainbow and white) are two I created... the white one also has purple in it. These were all made with Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn except for the rainbow one, it was made with a WW yarn of an unknown brand.

This is the face plate cover for my car CD player. It was fun to make and only took about an hour or so. Its made with Caron 1 Pound Black yarn and Bernat Baby Coordinates Pink Yarn all in DC

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