Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sweet Little Packages

I have been following the blog of my very best friend in 5th grade. Tia and I were separated when the school found out I didn't really live in their district and they kicked me out. 5th grade was the year after my mom left. My dad was a single dad taking care of 4 children. He worked an hour south of our house and decided it would be better for us kids to enroll us in the district where my aunt and uncle lived so that we had someone to watch us while he was at work.

I met Tia in school because we shared class together. I attended my very first sleep over on her birthday that year.  After I had to go back to the district I lived in we tried to keep in touch but we were then long distance... and we were 10 or 11. So recently we have reconnected and I love it. I've been following her blog for more than a year now and I love her little family. I received a surprise in the mail the other day...

She made adorable little ornaments with her daughter to give as gifts. 

And she took her own photos for the Christmas card... she is inspiring!

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