Friday, December 10, 2010

Flashback Friday: Angeltree Blanket

I finally finished my hexagon blanket last night. This means that I have had two blankets to give to the "Be a Santa for a Senior" tree at Walgreens. I will share photos of these blankets later this weekend. Right now, I want to flash back to last years blanket. This blanket was probably one of the hardest handmade items to give away. Not only is it made in one of my favorite colors (pink) but it was beautiful!

Last Christmas was the year all Christmases changed for me. I realized that it was not about me... now I had always know that it was the time to celebrate the birth of my Lord, Jesus Christ... but last year it really hit me. Christmas is now about what I can give to others. Jeff and I participate in Operation Christmas Child through Samaritans Purse every year and we always give to the mission offerings at church... but last year when I spotted that tree at Walgreens I knew I could do more. Jeff wasn't so sure... I spotted it awful late and only had about a week to make the blanket. I was still slow at crocheting but I was confident that I would get it finished... and I did!

This blanket was made for Lois. I still pray for her each time I make a new blanket for other seniors on that tree at Walgreens. I plan to start in January on blankets for next year, I will try to make it easy on myself and make only one at a time. I guess I could say that all I want for Christmas is yarn for these blankets! On to photos!

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  1. That is a lovely blanket. I love the colors in it. I wonder if all Walgreens have those trees. We got a Walgreens in our town a while ago but I haven't been in it lately. I'll have to go check it out. Have a wonderful weekend.