Thursday, June 27, 2013

Knit Baby Booties

I came across some adorable knit booties the other day but there was no pattern attached to the project listed in Ravelry. So I asked the maker if there was a pattern some where. She responded with the pattern and told me to have fun! I've completed two pairs in just a couple days. Last night she gave me permission to share the pattern. Now, I have altered it just a smidge. I changed the first K2tog and P2tog on the decrease rows to SSK and SSP. This allowed both side of the decrease to be more uniform.

FamilyDiva's Knit Booties

US5 Knitting Needles
Worsted Weight Yarn
Tapestry Needle

Cast on 41 stitches. (I used the long tail cast on)
Rows 1-12: Knit (41 per row)
Row 13: Knit 18, SSK, Knit 1, K2TOG, Knit 18 (39)
Row 14: Purl 17, SSP, Purl 1, P2TOG, Purl 17 (37)
Row 15: Knit 16, SSK, Knit 1, K2TOG, Knit 16 (35)
Row 16: Purl 15, SSP, Purl 1, P2TOG, Purl 15 (33)
Row 17: Knit 14, SSK, Knit 1, K2TOG, Knit 14 (31)
Row 18: Purl 13, SSP, Purl 1, P2TOG, Purl 13 (29)
Row 19: Knit 12, SSK, Knit 1, K2TOG, Knit 12 (27)
Row 20: Knit 1, Purl 1 across
Row 21: Purl 1, Knit 1 across
Repeat Rows 20 and 21 as desired (I completed 7 rows)
Bind off and leave a long tail to sew up the back and bottom of the booties.

I will probably make a lot of these since they work so quick and use such a small amount of yarn. They are also quite stretchy! All the booties I make will be donated to the Promise House at the end of the year with the blankets I am working on!


  1. Those are adorable booties! I'm a crochet bootie person and have developed my own pattern. That's neat that you lived here in the PNW - where do you live now? I didn't see that info in your "About Me" area. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Hey Teresa! I live in Arkansas. Moved here about 10 years ago when I met my husband online! I like crochet booties too... Crochet was my first craft!